Goodbye January!

This has been THE LONGEST JANUARY EVER! 🤯😫🙄😰🤬🤕

I've blogged every day since January 8th. I'm proud of myself for sticking it out even on the days when I was so emotionally weary or physically frustrated. There's something cathartic about release through public writing.

Today, I don't have anything profound to convey. I'm merely grateful that I made it to the end of the month alive and (somewhat) well. My health is still a struggle. The ulcers in my stomach acted A FOOL this month, keeping me bedridden on many days.

But, I'm still here! 🙌🏾

I'm ready for what February has to offer and grateful that I'm not ending the month the way I started it!

Be encouraged, folks.
We're gonna make it. 💜