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When I Stepped Into Myself

[ Read "Way to Freedom" HERE ] I had a conversation with myself last night, re-imagining a previous conversation I had with God about 2 years ago. God was like, "I'm gonna sit here with my arms wide open, while you seek refuge in people and things that were not meant to shelter you, and I'll wait patiently for you to come back home to me." That moment with God 2 years ago was the beginning of my real relationship with God and my relationship with my purpose(s). As I watched things fall into place, in awe of the matchless moves of the universe pushing me toward my purpose (or myself), I never quite committed to the purpose; I never quite committed to God. I walked around God--around my purpose, around myself--but never stepped in. Maybe this is you. This has been your life for years...going in and out of the revolving door that is God's arms. And God still loves, even when you're outside of the door. God still loves, even when your head is pressed

Dating the "Church Girl" - The Dating Chronicles: Part VIII

[Read the Dating Chronicles: Part VII Here] Hey y'all! So I don't usually Vlog, but I'm trying my hand at it for this topic. Dating the "Church Girl" is one of the many conversations I have with myself, especially when preparing to have "that talk" with a man who's interested in me but not quite sure what he's getting in to. Hope you enjoy and do comment below if you feel it in your spirit. :)