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Life As A Swing: How Theatre Prepped Me For Ministry In A Pandemic

In most theatrical productions--particularly large format musicals--the cast consists ofleads--those who are featured the most in a showensemble members--those who support the show tremendously, providing vocals, wonderful dancing, and often, facilitating set changesunderstudies-- those who are the next in line for lead roles should the performer call out sick or have an important engagement that forces them to miss a show. Usually, understudies are also in the ensemble, so they learn their ensemble track and the lead rolestandbys--those who understudy a very prominent role in the show that's usually the lead or a major supporting character. Many times, the standbys are not in the ensemble. They just cover that one lead track and are to be at the theatre during the entire show or within 15-30 minutes of the theatre should they need to go on at a moment's noticeAnd finally, the swings
No. No, I didn't say swingers😎 ... though, I mean, nothing's wrong with that. To each …

How It Feels To Fly

Here's what I did on my born day! Shoutout to one of my bff's/my ride or die chick, Jazz, for taking the flight with me!

On the boat and suited up for take off.

Our relationship in a nutshell. Lol

I'm praying. She's posing. Smh

Here we go!!!! The smile of releasing fear, ladies and gentlemen!

She's still posing! Omg! Smh. Can't stand her. Jk!

Nothing like kicking your head back for a good chuckle 300 ft. above the ocean.

Girlfraaaannds. She's still posing. 

350 ft in the air!

Fear --> Faith --> FREEDOM

Catching waves.

Watching out for the supposed sharks.

Miami Beach April 4th, 2016