Bourbon 4 Ice Cream

I had a doctor's appointment today. was more than that...but basically, I have to seriously cut down my alcohol intake because my ulcers are at risk for perferating. So tonight, instead of having my daily glass of wine or swig of bourbon, I washed down my stressful day with a half pint of double chocolate Talenti (I don't even like chocolate like that...unless it's a man 😋) and a half pint of carribean coconut Talenti (ok ok, I went a lil overboard, but I didn't eat dinner's fine 💁🏽‍♀️).

This will be a strange journey for me. Pray my strength in the Lord. But for real, I'm trading my bourbon for ice cream, at least for now. I'm excited...maybe once school is over and I stop stress eating, I'll wash down my day with a green juice instead. Who knows?