Dance As Life Practice

A well-trained dancer knows that when you "pose," you are never really done. You have not completed an action or arrived at a destination. Posing is a continuous action. It is a journey. You stretch and breathe into that thing until it's time to transition to the next "pose."

Such are the seasons of life.
You will never arrive.
Arriving is a journey. 

Once you get to a sort of destination, there will be something else to arrive to; that is, if you desire to come alive over and over again.

There's nothing like a dancer who emptily sits in a pose. Great dancers know that the more you sit in a position instead of breathing through it, the harder it will be to transition to the next movement. In existential terms, there are no poses.

Only movements.
Only motion.
Only change.

So, be a good dancer today. 

Breathe through this season. 
Come alive!

Get every bit of energy out through the tips of your fingertips & the split ends of your hair. 

Stretch. Push. Luxuriate.
Until it's time to transition to the next movement.

And it's never too late to breathe life into stagnation. Sometimes we feel stuck or tired of the "pose" we're in. Breath new life into it anyhow. Reset and come alive.