When Sunday Comes

When Sunday comes,
my trouble gone
As soon as it gets here,
I'll have a new song
When Sunday comes

I won't have to cry no more
Jesus will soothe my troubled mind
All of my heartaches will be left behind;
When Sunday comes
      -Daryl Coley, Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers
I stand in anticipation of Sunday--
Not Sunday as in Easter Sunday or any Sunday,
But for the moment when my tears dry up--
When my new song arrives--
When my heart stops palpitating--
When my breathing stabilizes--
When my anxiety disappears.

I am expectant of Sunday morn--
When I can finally have a fraction of the things I dreamed about...
Just a fraction.

When I can be resurrected
And my happiness not be dependent on
external forces.

I'm awaiting my Sunday.