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Way to Freedom (Demo) Music, Lyrics, and Arrangments by: Yours Truly When I wrote this song--this song about freedom--I was going through it! I was stressed out. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! At the time I didn't realize the power of my words--or in this case, Gods words that were spoken through the people of God. I had just heard a sermon at church and the Pastor said something like, "You can't be faithful and live in fear," or something like, "Faith and fear cannot coexist." I'm not much of a shouter in church so I sat there and pondered that message as I usually do. As I walked through the cold streets of Harlem, and let that message soak in, I began to realize that everything in life begins with a choice between faith and fear. Of course, with me being the truly analytical person that I am, that message really didn't sink in until months later when I had to finally make the decision to free myself, therefore, embracing fai

Clean house! THE HELL OUTTA MY LIFE GOOSE! This entry is very simple. Pay attention. Definitions: Your circle : your close friends, family, and acquaintances. Divine assignment : something you were destined to do since conception; your ultimate passion or personal goal Golden rule: YOUR CIRCLE SHOULD BE HELPING YOU FULFILL YOUR DIVINE ASSIGNMENT(S). If not, you need to play a good ole game of Duck-Duck-Goose and CLEAN HOUSE ! Ok. I'm done.