Speaking Joy

I'm speaking joy into the atmosphere from now on--

That's not to say
That the tears don't come,
That the grief doesn't rear its head,
That I don't miss elements of my past,

But I'm speaking joy--
And life
And wealth
And love
And passion
And peace
And hope
Into my life, into your life, into the universe,

Songs have been dropping into my spirit lately--songs of encouragement and of optimism. I thank the ancestors. I know that I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, and that the prayers of the righteous on earth availeth much. I'm heading to the studio in a few weeks but I'm playing around with a little diddy that speaks life into the lifeless, hope into the hopeless:

Your breaks and your bruises
Are not the end of your story.
Not the end of your story.

Your cross and your crisis
Are not the end of your story
Not the end of your story

I'm claiming victory

I don't know how the lyrics will end up working their way around a melody this song is already saving my life. I hope to record it soon so that it can save somebody else's.

Be well, folks.
Thanks for reading.

Love ya