Tired As Hell

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm tired as hell.
How bout you?

Listen, Monday's are hard. I feel like I need the entire day to recover from church; and while the large chunk of the early morning and afternoon is open for me to sleep in a bit and catch up on school work, I never feel rested enough to make it through the day without complaining about fatigue. I really am weary, perhaps, not tired. I constantly feel as if New York City has taken it's toll on me--like I'd be fine if I could just escape to an Island for a week. I'll take Miami...I ain't bougie. I'm also wondering if something is coming to knock me even further into the hole I've been trying to dig myself out of. Something in my spirit says, "Beware." I feel as if the joy I seek might be thwarted by something unforeseen, so I'm staying vigilant. I'm weary because even in the midnight hour, I'm vigilant. Even as I sleep, I'm alert. It's like I'm sleeping but I'm not resting.

But I digress.