Time's Up!

God revealed something to me last Thanksgiving that is resurfacing now. 

Amidst the turmoil of 

  • ongoing injustices against black bodies 
  • the expected miscarriage of justice regarding Breonna Taylor's murder (is there even justice for the dead?)
  • this insidious drama with Tory Lanez, the man who shot Megan Thee Stallion 
  • the reality that we are entering the 7-month of quasi-quarantining and the future is yet uncertain
  • and the personal strife many of us are dealing with that is exacerbated by political and social discord
I found myself coming back to what God spoke to me last year:

"Time's Up!"

I don't have anything profound to say in this post beyond

Time's up for expecting people and systems to be anything other that what they are--what they've been. 

Time's up for expecting forced accountability to save *us.

Time's up for holding folks who don't hold us back.

Time's up for investing in people and institutions where the ROI is limited or non-existent.

Time's up for forcing blood to be family.

Time's up for making space for mediocre leaders who fail us.

Time's up for love affairs with a yesteryear that was oppressive, at best -- 

    abusive, at worst

    deadly, at last.

Time's up for toxic charity -- 

    for our obsession with a philanthropy that is never enough.

Time's up for clout-chasing Celebrity Activists™ and 

    Punchline Preachers who yell "Protect Black Women" on Sunday but continue upholding the                 patriarchy and misogynoir on Monday-Saturday.

Time's up for the lies

    for the deceit 

    for the backroom deals that lead to front-room foolishness

    for exclusionary practices that folks say they're against but protect for their benefit

    for the gaslighting when *we call a thing a thing

    for trying to find justice within systems that weren't designed for justness

    for peaceful "protests"

    for respectability politics

    for believing that this is the greatest country in the world

Time's up for anything other than a radical revolution.

Time's up.

Time's up.